Super funds

Many superannuation funds recognise that long-term value is affected by ESG factors. Regulatory requirements, as well as member interest, are further driving this conversation.

Through our research we can help identify key sustainability risks. Seeking better disclosure of ESG impacts, asking fund managers to integrate ESG issues within investment management, and promoting engagement to improve ESG and sustainability performance on company and portfolio level are each key to a successful ESG strategy.

Common products and services used by Super funds include:

  • ESG portfolio analysis
  • Asset reviews and ethical audits
  • Sustainability ratings and opinions
  • Company ESG reports
  • Controversy monitoring and risk assessments
  • Controversial activities and weapons screens
  • Climate risk assessments
  • Sustainable goods and services
  • Conflict zone screening
  • Investment universe and ESG structured products
  • RI strategies, policy development and reviews

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