Global ESG data solutions

Our global ESG research and data offering is provided through Vigeo Eiris. Vigeo Eiris has 30 years of experience in the extra-financial analysis of listed issuers, with extensive historical datasets.

  • ESG Research & Data
    We provide ESG research and data covering 4,000 issuers globally, including ASX 300 and NZ 50 companies. Ratings incorporate a range of ESG considerations and are developed using composite measures of performance and management against broader industry trends. Companies are also assessed in relation to global best practice conventions and agreements.
  • Investment Universe & Indices
    CAER’s research can be used to identify investment universes and compile indices based on specific ESG requirements.
  • Screening & Thematic Research
    For screening and thematic research, we cover up to 10,000 issuers. Issues can be screened based on products, industry, countries or subsidiaries, and can be tailored to investor requirements around thresholds. Our Controversial Activities Screen research incorporates leading risk areas as elected by investors into one screening package that can be adjusted to specific requirements.

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  • Sustainability ratings and opinions
  • Company ESG reports
  • Controversy monitoring and risk assessments
  • Controversial activities and weapons screens
  • Climate risk assessments
  • Sustainable goods and services
  • Conflict zone screening
  • ESG portfolio analysis
  • Quantitative ESG data
  • Investment universe creation and ESG structured products