Our Story

With almost 20 years working on ESG and sustainability risk research in Australia, CAER is an organisation with a depth of history and experience in the field.

Established in 2000, CAER was started as the Green Ratings unit of Australian Ethical Investment. It quickly became clear that there was a need for independent and sound research on company ESG risks in Australia, of which there was none at the time. Therefore in 2002, the unit was separately forged as the Centre for Australian Ethical Research – a stand-alone, independent business providing tailored ESG data and ethical analysis of companies for a large and diverse client base.

As a specialist in the field backed by a long history of Australian-centric information, CAER’s client base soon expanded, positioning our organisation at the forefront of detailed ESG research in the country.

CAER has continued to expand and sharpen its product offerings over the years as more investment managers, asset owners, NGOs and small-to-medium investment houses have sought out detailed ESG information about Australian and New Zealand companies. Our research has since been used in advocacy, engagement, shareholder resolutions and policy both in Australia and overseas.

Combining detailed qualitative and quantitative metrics, CAER’s products and services guarantee rigorous research systems. We are also one of few organisations who provide research exclusively on ESG risk exposure, meaning clients have an accurate picture of the ESG scenario before introducing financial considerations.

2000 – CAER established as ‘Green Ratings’ unit of Australian Ethical Investment, commencement of global research partnerships to offer ESG data in Australia.

2002 – Establishment of the Centre for Australian Ethical Research (CAER) spun out as stand-alone, independent business to provide tailored ESG data and ethical analysis of companies for a diversified client base.

2010 – Corporate Monitor and the Corporate Monitor Star Rating business acquired and becomes part of CAER.

2019 – CAER was acquired by Institutional Shareholder Services Inc to become ISS CAER.