About Us

CAER is a leading provider of independent research on the environmental, social, governance (ESG) and ethical performance of companies. We work directly with our clients to ensure the ESG information they receive is tailored for purpose. We also help implement responsible investment considerations across all facets of a client’s investment journey.

Established in 2000, CAER is one of the oldest ESG research houses in Australia. We provide access to comprehensive ESG data and assessments, ratings and screening information. These products and services are commonly used to:

  • Provide customised research based on an organisation’s ESG policies and approaches.
  • Monitor ESG controversies, carbon and energy transition across companies and portfolios.
  • Support Active Ownership activities.
  • Build new investment indices and universes.

Beyond our global ESG platform and associated ESG data products, we are able to work directly with our clients to undertake specific and customised research projects. These include developing and supporting:

  • Responsible investment policy, strategy and implementation.
  • Portfolio assessments and screening scenarios.
  • Bespoke thematic research reports.
  • Bespoke ethical or ESG assessments.

We have a deep understanding of the responsible investment market and the types of challenges organisations are facing in our region. Our expertise in combining and integrating ESG data and ethical considerations for clients enables us to add value in transforming ESG research into practical solutions for investors.