CAER Publications

The publications in our archive range from in-house and own generated thought leadership papers, to papers published together with our research partners. The archive also includes a links to research papers made public by clients where CAER was commissioned to undertake research.



Joint Research: Human Rights and Australian Listed Companies



Commissioned reportAustralian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI): Workplace Mental Health and SafetyCorporate Risks and Opportunities for Financials, Mining and Utilities Companies in the S&P/ASX200



Commissioned report: Oxfam Australia: The right to decide: company commitments and community consent

Academic research: Firm Value and the Quality of Sustainability Reporting in Australia



Joint research: FINSIA: Promoting Gender Equity Through Transparency

Client report: Plato Investment Management: Implementing ESG tilts in an Equity Portfolio

Joint research: Net Balance Foundation, ACCA, and CAER: Disclosures on managing human rights risks

Commissioned report: Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI): Anti-Corruption & Bribery Practices in Corporate Australia – A review of exposure to corruption and bribery risk across the S&P/ASX 200



Joint research: CAER and Seacliff Consulting: A Call to Arms – Super Funds & ESG



CAER research: CAER Comparison: EIRIS and CAER research highlights climate change risks and opportunities
CAER research: Local data: Comparison of the Global 300 and the ASX 200 on climate change indicators



CAER research: Indigenous rights, indigenous wrongs: risks for the resource sectors, 2007



Commissioned report: Transparency International New Zealand: As good as we are perceived? A review of the approach to bribery and corruption by New Zealand Business



Commissioned report: Commonwealth of Australia: The State of Sustainability Reporting in Australia



Commissioned report: Commonwealth of Australia: The State of Sustainability Reporting in Australia



Commissioned report: Commonwealth of Australia: The State of Public Environmental Reporting in Corporate Australia