CAER history and ownership

CAER ownership and board

CAER is a privately owned company wth six shareholders. Four of the shareholders are employees and executive directors of CAER. CAER’s two non-executive directors, James Thier and Howard Pender, are the remaining shareholders.

CAER is governed by a board of directors that meets quarterly.  The current membership of the CAER Board is as follows:

  • Chair and Non-Executive Director: James Thier
  • Non-Executive Director: Howard Pender
  • Executive Directors: Duncan Paterson, Julia Leske, Konrad Knerr,  Philip Sloane


2000 – CAER established as ‘Green Ratings’ unit of Australian Ethical Investment, commencement of research partnership with Vigeo Eiris (then EIRIS).

2002 – Establishment of the Centre for Australian Ethical Research (CAER) spun out as stand-alone, independent business to provide tailored ESG data and ethical analysis of companies for a diversified client base.

2008 – Expansion of local research coverage on the Vigeo Eiris (then EIRIS) ESG platform: client access to consistent data of ASX 200 and later to NZ 50 (2009) and the ASX 300 (2010).

2010 – Corporate Monitor and the Corporate Monitor Star Rating business acquired and becomes part of CAER.

2016 – EIRIS merges with French ESG rating agency Vigeo, creating Vigeo Eiris. CAER renews the exclusive partnership with Vigeo Eiris for Australia and New Zealand.